Member of the Editorial Board at FEMS Yeast Research

ERA Chair of SynBioTEC Petri Lahtvee became a member of the Editorial Board for the journal FEMS Yeast Research.

The leading journal in its field, FEMS Yeast Research bridges the gap between pure and applied research on conventional and non-conventional yeasts and yeast-like organisms.

FEMS Yeast Research aims to ensure efficient publication of high-quality papers that are original and provide a significant contribution to the field of yeast research and will select for publication only those manuscripts deemed to be of major relevance to the field. The journal contains Research Articles and Mini Reviews on fundamental and applied aspects of all areas of yeast research, including physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, genomics, systems biology, synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, biodiversity, fundamental research on clinically important yeasts, molecular diagnostics, industrial applications, fermentation and biotechnology. In the area of biodiversity, single species descriptions will only be considered for publication if the impact is considered to be high in clinical microbiology or biotechnology. Scientists using yeast as a model organism for studying human diseases or general biological phenomena of broad interest are welcome to submit papers describing their research if it has direct relevance to the yeast community. In addition, the journal will publish Letters to the Editor, Perspectives and Commentaries that express current opinions.