Movie Night “Playing God” – March 20 at 7pm, at AHHAA Science Center

Meet the ERA Chair Petri Lahtvee at the movie night organized by Bioscience Students’ Association in collaboration with AHHAA Science Centre, talking about synthetic biology and answering your questions.

What does a spider-goat look like and why do scientists create such animals? Can scientists play God by creating organisms unlike anything else that has ever existed? Has science gone too far?

If these questions haunt you before you go to sleep, grab your popcorn and join us for our movie night on March 20th at 19:00 at AHHAA Science Centre. This time we are watching the documentary “Playing God” which discusses the latest achievements in synthetic biology. Our guest Petri-Jaan Lahtvee from Institute of Technology (University of Tartu) will comment on this topic and answer any questions from the audience.

See you at the movie night! :)