Public discussions on synthetic biology – join us and share what you think


Designed cells and designed humans – is synthetic biology going to destroy or salvage the humankind?

When will the first 3D printed organs be implanted in humans? Is it possible to design a human from a scratch? What kind of changes could we expect in our society due to the rapid progress in synthetic biology?

In the framework of Researchers’ Night, our scientists are participating in public discussions on synthetic biology. Prof. Mart Loog and senior scientist Petri Lahtvee together with Prof. Hannes Kollist and senior scientist Viljar Jaks will introduce the subject and discuss the potential benefits and ethical issues.

AHHAA science center organized discussions are taking place:

28.09.2016 – Cafe Naiiv, Vallikraavi 6, Tartu (in English)

29.09.2016 – Pärnu Museum Cafe, Aida 3, Pärnu (in Estonian)

30.09.2016 – Haapsalu Culture Center, Posti 3, Haapsalu (in Estonian)

Don’t miss the opportunity to share your opinion and learn something new!

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