Nastassia Shtaida, PhD

Research Fellow

nastassia [dot] shtaida [at] ut [dot] ee


Dr. Nastassia Shtaida performed her Ph.D research in the Microalgal Biotechnology Laboratory at the Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research, Ben-Gurion University, Israel. The laboratory represents one of a few research centers interfacing basic algal physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology with industrial applications. Nastassia’s PhD research focused on the lipid metabolism in oleaginous microalga, namely on the role of plastidic acetyl-CoA supply in fatty acid biosynthesis by photosynthetic microalgae, and some aspects of microalgal biotechnology. After finishing her PhD, Nastassia joined the laboratory of Prof. Mart Loog at the University of Tartu as a post-doctoral fellow. Currently, her main research projects concern developing of phosphorylation-based synthetic circuits with their further application in generation of more efficient producer strains for industrial purposes.